Wednesday, July 08, 2009

2 More Trips to K-Mart...Super K and Big K

I went back to K-Mart today. I went to the Big K-Mart a few miles away and the Super K down the street. I was hoping to score more toothbrushes, but both K-Marts were low on single pack toothbrushes. I was alittle disappointed but the Big K-Mart had higher prices. But I did four seperate transactions, two at each. In the interest of time, I put all four transactions together in the list below.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here Is My Super Kmart Bounty...

My grand total was: $38.71

Here is what I got:

1- Gillette Body Wash ($4.49 -$2 =$2.49-- store coupon..didn't double ;(..but oh well)
3- Johnson & Johnson's Adult Body Lotion ($5.49 each -$4 off each = $1.49)
3- Huggies Bath Disposible Washcloths ($3.33 each -$2 off each = $1.33)
1- Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder ($3.79 -$2 off = $1.79)
1- Box of Bandaids ($2.50 -$2 off = $0.50)
2- Boxes of Johnson & Johnson's Saftey Swabs ($1.59 each -$1.59 off each = FREE)
3- Small First Aid Kits ($1.05 each -$1.05 off each = FREE)
4- Reach Toothbrushes ($3.29 each -$3.29 off each = FREE)
4- Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets ($5.99 each -$4 off each = $1.99)
1- Package of Chinet Plates ($3.49 -$2 off = $1.49)
3- Boxes of Wet Ones ($2.29 each -$2 off each = $.29 each)
4- Boxes of Lipton Tea ($1.09 each -$1.09 off each = FREE)
1- A-1 Steak Marinade ($2.99 each -$2.99 off each = FREE)
1- Box of Capri Sun Sunrise ($2.00 each -$2 off = FREE)
1- Jello No Bake Cherry Cheesecake ($2.00 each -NO COUPON)
2- Large Gatorades ($3.99 each--NO COUPON)
8- Small Gatorades ($1.00 each--NO COUPON)

My total before coupons was $124.74. The cashier was super nice and let me use more than 10 coupons. I SAVED $86.03!!!! I am so happy. It is not my best run, but everything cannot be free. I used coupons on everything but the Jello and the Gatorade. I had a $4 off your next purchase and $5 off Grocery coupon too. So it was a good trip.

Couponing Craziness

Super Kmart is doubling coupons again. I hope to score big. I will post my bounty. Meanwhile, I started my Crafters blog and I am loving it. I also put two new links in the corner about my two of my favorite coupon blogs. Check them out.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My FAVORITE crafting blog.

This super woman is blogging and creating like no one's business. I am so lucky that my friend Quiana sent me the link to her site. I love watching her videos and maybe one day...I will get off my duff and create something special too.

It has been over 2 YEARS since my first/last post.

How crazy is that? I was interested in blogging...but I never followed through. I guess everyone has that one project that just lingers on for years. It would have been nice to read how my life has changed over the past few years. But no regrets....